Tamil Tv Serial Devathaiyai Kanden

Devathaiyai Kanden  Tamil TV SERIALS on Zee Tamil



Devathaiyai Kanden is a Tamil psychological thriller series that aired on Zee Tamil in 2017. It stars Ishwar Raghunathan as Vasudevan, Krithika Laddu as Lakshmi, and Mahalakshmi as Pavithra. The tale is about Vasudevan and Lakshmi who have contrasting personalities, gets married to each other, and faces the tribulations in keeping their life happy.

Vasudevan is a disciplined person who is bought up with very traditional rules and regulations. Lakshmi is an independent, cheerful person, who wants her husband to love, and care her the most.

Initially, their married life is filled with love and happiness but soon turns into possessiveness, and becomes a heavy burden which both fails to bear. The story tells how Lakshmi gets along with Vasudevan, and deals with his changed personality.