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Deivamagal Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

"Deivamagal" was a serial produced by the famous Vikatan Televistas Pvt Ltd. group and was telecasted on the popular Tamil channel, Sun TV. While most of the serials focused on the lives of family women, this series focused on working women. It took incidents of a few women who wanted to be successful on their own instead of getting branded as the wife or mother of someone. Hence, they worked hard, improved themselves on various aspects, and earned their respective fields' success. However, society still sees them as just women and expects them to do certain things, traditionally.

While the girls did not deny their traditional roles, they wanted to have their space where every woman could be a successful person on her own. Did they finally get the space they wanted, or did the society manage to convert them according to its expectation? The story of Deivamagal had received wonderful reviews from all over Tamil Nadu, especially from the women who were studying, working, doing businesses, and were walking toward success! They saw this serial as a representative of their collective thoughts. This serial was directed by 'S Kumaran.'

Vani Bhojan played the main character of the serial with 'Krishna,' Rajya Lakshmi, Vennira Aadai Nirmala, 'SVS Kumar' and Rekha Krishnappa. They had produced an excellent drama that had practical elements in it. This had helped them stick better with the viewers who did not feel it was just a drama but a reflection of real life. The title song of "Deivamagal" itself was an indication of its theme. It is composed by Kiran, sung by Naresh Iyer, written by famous lyricist Yugabharathi.

It showed that women who were starting on various stages in different fields and how they moved step by step to become successful. The talented Vikatan production group crafted the story for Deivamagal. The screenplay was written by Amirtharaj, and the famous writer, Ezhilvaradhan, handled dialogues. S. T. Maats handled the camera and S. Neilstein was the editor. This was a super-hit serial that was remade in many other south Indian languages!

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Another version of this story

Deivamagal means' Daughter of the Almighty'. It was a Tamil serial that was telecasted on Sun TV from the 25th of March, 2013. Deivamagal was directed by S Kumaran, written by Amirtharaj, and Produced by Vikatan Televistas. Deivamagal replaced Thirumathi Selvam, produced by the same team.

This serial was also remade in Telugu as Jabilamma, in Malayalam as Bhagyalakshmi, in Kannada as Chandra Chakori, which was telecasted on Gemini, Surya, and Udaya TV, which are a part of the Sun Network. Krishna as Prakash is the Male lead. He is very adamant and short-tempered and a kind-hearted husband to Sathyapriya, played by Vani Bhojan, the Female Protagonist. After completing her schooling, Vani Bhojan, Being the dashing girl from Ooty, became an Air hostess in Kingfisher Airlines in Chennai.

Despite becoming an Air hostess, she always dreamt of getting into modeling; she had also has done around 150 advertisements. Thus, a gate opened for her on the Indian television. She enjoyed playing the role of a girl next door in her popular television serial. Deivamagal theme is based on the lives of the working women, their roles, and their contributions to our lives and society in general. It was aimed at bringing out the perspective of a working woman - their joys, sorrows, trials, and tribulations. Being the elder-most girl in the family with 3 daughters without her father, how Sathya overcomes all the obstacles in her life is the bottom storyline.