Tamil Tv Serial Darling Darling

Darling Darling  Tamil TV SERIALS on Zee Tamil

Darling Darling is a Tamil serial which started a few months ago on Zee Tamil channel. The serial started from 12th December and is still streaming till date. The timings of the serial are 10:30 p.m. from Monday to Saturday and the repeat telecast at 12:00 p.m. Darling Darling is a comedy romantic daily soap. The serial is the modification of a show which comes on &TV named as Bhabhi Ji Ghar Pe Hai. It’s a very innovative kind of show which can pull the interest of the audience in its own with no extra efforts. Darling Darling is a comedy and family-oriented show. The story line of the serial revolves around two neighbouring, newly-married couples. There is a lot of dissimilarity between both the couples as one of them is modern and another is traditional.

Both the couples are friends as they live nearby. There are a lot of illusions in the story as there are many love triangles in these two couples. Vasanth Gobi and Nandhini are traditional couples of the show. Vasanth Gobi is a great businessman and an industrialist in the undergarments industry. Nandhini is a housewife different from her husband. On the other hand, Ramji and Chitra are the modern couples of the show. And they are also opposite to the other couple. Ramji is unemployed and previously worked as an insurance policy agent. He doesn’t have any ambition or goal in life and depends on his wife, also stays at home to perform household work.

His wife who is a beautiful and modern woman is being forced to earn for the two and is not happy with this. She has ambitions in life, but she is forced to do a job because of which she is angry with his husband. Later, we see that both the men try to have a catch on each other’s wife and here comes the twist in the show. Ramji and Vasanth become one sided lovers of the women which makes the show so hilarious. Ramji loves Nandhini but she doesn’t and it is same with the case of Vasanth Gobi and Chitra. This is the story line of the show Darling Darling which makes it worth watching.