Tamil Tv Serial Chinna Thambi

Chinna Thambi  Tamil TV SERIALS on VIJAY TV

Launched on 2nd October 2017, VIJAY TV Serial ‘Chinna Thambi’ is a Tamil language TV Serial which is a perfect blend of village romance and love. The show ‘Chinna Thambi’ is the remake of Bengali language serial Khokababu. The daily soap opera stars Prajin and Pavani Reddy in the lead character roles. The intriguing story shows the relationship of an innocent village boy Chinnathambi who falls in love with an arrogant city girl Nandhini. The impressive title of this show is taken from 1991 Tamil language romantic Movie ‘Chinna Thambi’ which starred Actor Prabhu Ganesan and Kushboo. Chinnathambi belongs from Chinnalapatty, who is a simple down to earth village boy who comes across Nandhini. Nandini belongs from Chennai, is a rich brat of her family. What attracts the story move is Chinnathambi’s innocent and highly cultured character.

Chinnathambi obeys his mother Annalakshmi, and she is his priority. Meanwhile, Nandhini is just opposite of Chinna, but somewhere she has a good heart. The family fixes Nandini’s marriage alliance with Gautham, and the couple gets engaged. But destiny brings Chinnathambi and Nandhini face-off. There they both get into a heated argument. The drama doesn’t end here, but Chinna tries his level best to avoid Nandhini because he is a Baal Brahmachaari while Nandhini also dislikes him. But who knew that their destiny has other plans for them. On the day of marriage, Gautham gets arrested over a false accusation, and there unconscious Nandhini gets married to Chinnathambi after Nandhini’s family begs Chinnathambi to save their family respect.

And thus the love and hate story of Chinnathambi and Nandhini kicks off. Nandhini fails to adjust in the village with Chinnathambi as she fails to get the royal lifestyle that she always lived from her childhood. Moreover, Nandhini even doesn’t like Chinnathambi’s looks and attire that one day Chinna’s father hears Nandhini badmouthing Chinna’s look which resembles that of a saint. A big shock to everyone Chinna’s father gets the whole makeover of Chinna. This little step gives the new u-turn in Chinna and Nandhini’s love life. Slowly and steadily Chinna and Nandhini start falling in love with each other after how Chinnathambi changes himself for Nandhini. But things don’t go well for Nandhini as Chinna’s Mom turns hurdle in their love story. Chinnathambi and Nandhini’s love story crossing many ups and downs in the story of ‘Chinna Thambi’ is what puts it apart from other daily soaps.