Tamil Tv Serial Chandra Nandini - Tamil

“Chandra Nandini” is a TV series set in the historical backdrop of the Mauryan Empire. It showcases the journey of two equally strong characters, King Chandragupta Maurya, and Warrior Princess Nandini. The story shows how Chandra Gupta Maurya, son of Moora, who is poverty stricken, starts off as a slave in cowshed, who is sold and resold in childhood, further goes on to become one of the most prominent emperors of Indian Empire.

During the period of his ruling, as a consequence of war, the emperor marries Nandini. Initially, they possess hatred towards each other, only to fall in love. In the meanwhile, they face many obstacles in their marriage and overcome all these and lead a happy life. Chandragupta Maurya is the disciple of Chanakya. Because of his troubled childhood, it left him with a heart full of hatred. Chandra further went on to establish the Mauryan Empire. Princess Nandini marries Emperor Chandragupta Maurya with the intention of destroying his entire kingdom as revenge since the emperor had previously destroyed the princess’ family. Princess Nandini is her father’s (Raja Padmanand) darling daughter who also has eight brothers.

Since childhood, she had been trained in warfare. She sees her family, kith and kin falling apart when the emperor rages a war and dethrones her father and conquers the kingdom, as a result of which she sets out to seek revenge from the emperor. Consequently she marries the emperor with the intention of destroying him, eventually falling in love with him, which is reciprocated by the emperor as well. With lots of twists and turns and mystery, it unfolds into a high-octane drama with the antagonist being Queen Helena, the emperor’s first wife. H

elena plots against Nandini to an extent where Emperor starts hating Nandini even more. Helena also plans to murder Nandini by poisoning her as well, but in vain. Helena hires Nandini’s look-alike and makes the look-alike behave badly in front of the Emperor which further spoils the relationship in between Chandra and Nandini. Chanakya, being the wise “Rajguru” senses the danger on Nandini and hints his disciple Chandra to be alert. It is a love-hate relationship where the audience gets to see the love and care between the couple as well as the anger and hatred between them which occurs because of the evil plotting done by people like Helena and other enemies of the Emperor.

Destiny plays an important role since it brings the emperor and princess together and binds them in hatred which eventually lays the foundation for one of the most beautiful, rich and prosperous era in the history .This love story defies all the norms of a relationship between a husband and wife.