Tamil Tv Serial Biography

Biography Tamil tv-serials on RAJ TV

Biography is a Tamil serial which airs on weekends. It gives information about Tamil actors and other people who have worked in the industry. It is kind of a documentary show which informs people about various people. There are videos and photos. Each episode focuses on a few people altogether. Most serials which are of this nature have given one episode for one personality. There is a host who keeps narrating about the person. He is seen on a chair, and there is a huge television next to him.

The camera is solely focused on him as he starts his talk. The narration is continued even when the pictures are displayed in a slide show format. This show has nothing like the things mentioned before. There is a person sitting on a chair with a television next to him. There is no camera. The show starts with the person, to whom the episode is dedicated to, with his picture being displayed. His name is shown on the screen. The font is horrible. You can imagine a small kid who has just discovered how to use Microsoft Word to be editing it.

The pictures are then showed in a slide show manner. In Biography, there is no narration. The description is seen waving around the whole screen in its hideous font style. You can also consider it to be an actor’s profile. Not many well-known actors have been featured on the show. The producers give equal importance to famous and non-famous actors. The show starts with his birth life, childhood, school, friends, acting, youth, and many other things. The slide show goes on in a chronological order.

The hideous font is available to be seen in all images. Many television actors, singers, and movie stars have been talked about on the show. They have all been praised, and nobody has anything negative shown about him. The show is used as a filler on Sun TV. A lot of times, serials get over long before the next show is supposed to air.

To fill the time, the people of Sun TV use shows like Biography to keep the audience engaged. If the channel had used this time for advertisements, then it would have disengaged the audience. It is done in most channels across the world in various languages. The fillers can be two to five minutes long.