Tamil Tv Serial Bhama Vijayam

Bhama Vijayam Tamil Tv serials on Raj tv

Bhama Vijayam, was an another serial, dubbed from Hindi to prove that the Hindi serials are all time favourites among the Tamil television viewers.

Bhama Vijayam was dubbed version of the famous Hindi serial, Tu Tu Main Main. The serial was directed by Sachin Pilgaonkar and produced By Niraja Guleri. The leading characters were done by Reema Lagoo, Supriya, Mahesh Thakur, Kuldeep Pawar and others. Reema as a mother in law and Supriya as a daughter in law.The story was about a joint family with the normal relationship as in any other families with love and hate relationship. Sometimes they show loving towards each other and sometimes their relationships are soured. The intelligent and marvellous script with interesting and funny dialogues are the main reasons for the success of the serial, which takes the story in a lighter vein and the viewers laugh a lot while watching every episode of the serial.

Reema as Devakiben and her Kuldeep as her husband, with Supriya as Radha and Mahesh Thakur as Suraj, became the members of audience family. Such were their excellent performance. Sumeet Raghav, too had done his role as driver to the best of his performances. The very episode started in a lighter note with daughter in law complaining about her mother in law, by telling her, where ever she plans to go, her mom in law wants to join, whether it is swimming or cycling.

The normal happenings between mother in law and daughter in law is shown in a way that it made the audience laugh out their daily day to day issues. Many interesting episodes were applauded, for example, the daughter in law pretends that she had tooth ache and try sleeping until late in the morning. Mother in law takes her to the dentist and they make a mess there with arguments and the dentist takes control of them. The other episodes like shopping together, gambling and the birthday episodes were all favourites among many.

The way they react when they were told that they were the 10000th customer and because of that, they win a raffle from which they can shop whatever they like within three minutes. The card playing sessions are the few to point out when appreciating the excellent direction. The serial proved a mega hit when aired in Raj Tv.

Another version of this story...

This is a full-length comedy teleserial, with each episode featuring different topics. It is the Tamil dubbed version of the most popular, and one of the first Comedy serials to have taken the Hindi teleserial world by storm, called – Tu Tu Main Main, which means meaningless arguments and hankering. The Tamil version is being beamed by Raj TV. The original Hindi version was first aired by Doordarshan. The private channels in Hindi, followed suit, and repeated it subsequently. One of the channels, made a sequel to the original, and the serial was on air for well over eleven years. Almost close to five channels broadcast this serial. The serial was directed by a very popular child artist turned Actor cum Director, of the Marathi and Hindi cine field – Sachin (Pilgaonkar). He has also done a cameo in this serial.

The story revolves around Bhama – the Mother-in-law, played by Reema Laagoo, and Vijaya – the daughter-in-law, played by Supriya Pilgaonkar. The usual bickering between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law duo is portrayed quite well. It is filled with comedy and keeps the audience in raptures. The stars, Reema and Supriya have fit themselves comfortably in their roles. Each episode features a new issue, which the duo, handle quite deftly, and entertain the viewers and keep them in splits.

The director has to be credited for his ability in showcasing the talents of the actors. Nirja Guleri has produced this venture.

Sachin Pilgaonkar (Director): A Marathi, debuted as a child artist in Marathi and Hindi films- with close to 65 films to his account as a child artist, and went on to become a Star, and has also been a successful Director. He is quite popular for his chocolate boy looks in Geet Gaatha Chal, a romantic hit in Hindi. In fact, he proved his acting skills in this film and went on to carry this image of his. He has directed many Marathi and Hindi films, and teleserial's. In one such directorial venture, he happened to direct a girl called Supriya, and went on to marry her.

Reema Lagoo (as Bhama): Four time Filmfare award winner as A Best Supporting Actress, Reema Lagoo, was born as Nayan, and is a Marathi. Her short-lived marriage to Vivek Lagoo, changed her life and name too – Reema Lagoo. She is a stage artist for over four decades, in Marathi. A versatile actress, she is a popular supporting actress - mostly a middle-aged mother, in the Hindi and Marathi film field, for close to over three decades now. Reema has acted with almost all the Heros and Heroines of the Hindi tinsel town. Her venture in the teleserial arena has also been very successful and memorable.

Supriya Pilgaonkar (as Vijaya): Again a Marathi, Supriya is an actress in the television and film circuits. She has tried her hand at Direction too. Fell in love with one of her directors, and married him – the film blooming her career as an actress, and the director, decorating her life, Sachin Pligaonkar. They have an age difference of 10 years. This serial fetched her television award for a comedienne. The couple has won a dance reality show featured on Television, in its first edition.