Tamil Tv Serial Bhairavi Aavigalukku Priyamanaval

Bhairavi Aavigalukku Priyamanaval Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Bhairavi Aavigalukku Priyamanaval was produced by the ‘Saregama Production Company’, directed by P.S.Tharan and was aired on the Sun Tv channel. The story was about a little girl, who could see the ghosts. The serial was a thriller and horror soap opera which included mysteries,murders and supernatural elements . The episodes revolved around the plot which focused on the aspect of fear of the unknown along with puzzles and mysteries. The lead actors included K.R. Vijaya, Y.G.Mahendra, Nithya Das, Suhashini, 'Urvashi', Aishwarya Bhaskaran, Sumangali, R. Ravi and V. S. Raghavan.

The music was produced by Paulraj, with the title song which added spice to the horror serial. The voices of the dubbing artists, Jayageetha, Renuka, Udhaya and Akshaya were given credits for their marvellous vocal performances , which added more advantages to the serial. The voices along with the scenes, made the viewers scream in a fear, while watching. The blood -shed scenes along with the girl who could see the ghosts and the different ghosts and creatures were captured well in the camera, which earned a lot of credits to the cameramen. The story and dialogues were handled by Saravanan Raja and the soap series was a hit. Every week the serial created and featured many mysteries and the murders.

Another version of this story...

Bhairavi Aavigalukku Priyamanaval was among the weekly serials that was telecasted by Sun TV. The genre that was adopted by this particular series was ‘horror’. This show was telecasted during Sunday. The timing of the series was from 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM according to the Indian Standard Time. This horror series first aired on the television screens on January 29th, 2012. By the Mid of June 2014, the series hadproducedatotalnumberof120episodes. The plot of this series revolved around a little girl. She was able to see ghosts and had the urge to help these ghosts.

The leading film actress, 'Urvashi' had played a significant role in this series. The Cast team also included actors like V.S. Raghavan and Ravi. The other actors who made their appearances in this series were Varalaxmi and Sujitha. ‘Saregama India Limited’ was the production company which produced this horror series. The direction part of this series was previously done by P.S Tharan. Later the direction was taken by Venkat G. Raja Guru. Udaya Kumar and Gnanaprakasam were the assistant directors of this series. The story was written by Iyyappan and the special sound effects for this horror series was given by Ravi, Ramesh and Prakash.