Tamil Tv Serial Barathi Kannamma



Bharathi Kannamma, is a Tamil soap opera which had its first eighty-seven episodes directed by S. Bala and then later on next thirty-six episodes were done by S. Senthil Kumaran B.E and then Nimesh completed the last ninety-four episodes of the show. It's running time was about 20-22 minutes per episode. The first episode airing was on 1st June 2014, and it continued until 3rd July 2015. The TV serial's original network belongs to Vendhar TV set up its studio in Coimbatore.

The show's cast goes as Remena as Bharathi, Mithrasri as Kannamma. It was one of the few Tamil productions that reached the international platform by airing on Malaysian Tamil channel named Astro Vaanavil. It is a story about two girls, Bharathi and Kannamma, who grew up together hating each other, but later on, they become best friends. The location for the show was set in the beautiful place Nilgiri, with the serial set lying in the lap of enchanting Nilgiri mountains, which surrounded the set all over. The story shows the well known Tamil culture of strict teachers and complaining students, and so were both the girls, Bharathi and Kannamma, who always had their own little rivalries in school.

They'd both try to downgrade each other as the show goes on when they are young. In the backdrop of all this one may acknowledge the fact that both the girls have a heart of gold heart, but even the gold is hard so it takes the time to melt. In the story too, their hearts melt for each other as they realise they both are destined to be together and so they become the best friends facing all the situations of the world together and fearlessly. It depicts the beautiful relationship between these two girls, they are both carefree, at the same time they care for their surroundings.

The introductory song of the serial puts the audience into a faintish idea of their friendship with nature, their home, the place where they live, their school and especially the friendship between them. The last episode of the show, 219th episode of the serial is about the separation of the two girls due to misunderstandings between them incepted by their kin. They part their ways, but once again they meet at the place where they have first met, they apologise for all the mess that has occurred and the show ends with a dramatic hug between the two girls which signifies their forever friendship.