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Ayya Amma Ammamma was a fantastic side-splitting drama of Kathadi Ramamoorthy, and Mohan Rangachari scripted it. The last time we saw Crazy Mohan Crazy Mohan was born as Mohan Rangachari on Octobe >> Read More... was in S.Ve Shekar and Pandiyarajan’s Kathaanayagan movie. The turning point came when Bobby Raghunathan introduced Kathadi's life to Crazy Mohan in the late 1970s. The title of the serial was inspired by the film Pati, Patni Aur Woh, but changed to Ayya, Amma, Ammamma. In the Mohan Rangachari, known professionally as Crazy Mohan scripted ‘Ayya Amma Ammamma’ that was aired on Doordarshan in 1982 as a three-part series, Ramamurthy played the character Raghupathy, the 34-year-old obedient and submissive husband who works very hard to brush up on his economics, as instructed by his dominant wife, because she is greedy and wants him to get a promotion at the office.

Sundaresan Ramamurthy made this character memorable, playing a careless and irresponsible bachelor in the first part, and then after getting married, a trapped man stuck between his wife and mother. This television play is an adaptation of the popular stage comedy of the same name. The play was successful because of Ramamurthy. Brahma Gana Sabha featured the play for their golden jubilee celebrations recently. Brahma Gana Sabha was inaugurated in 1969 and has always played an important role in allowing artists to showcase their acting skills on the stage. The years rolled back, the veteran actor brought back memories of the play's original version, and the spectators were transported to the seventies. If TDS were alive, he would have seen 82-year-old Kathadi Ramamurthy In 1980’s Kathadi Ramamurthy used to be a househol >> Read More... , full of energy, playing the role with ease. The protagonist of the play is Raghupathy, whose parents are busy getting their eight daughters married and have no time to spare a thought for their unmarried son.

Poor Raghupathy remains an unfortunate bachelor at the age of thirty-four. Raghupathy does get married eventually but realizes that marriage is not the bed of roses he had thought it would be, and he craves the freedom of bachelorhood. Written by Crazy Mohan, and directed and enacted by Kathadi Ramamurthy, the play presents the life of a married man who wants to return to his carefree bachelor days. How he manipulates his wife's exit and tries to recapture the joys of being single is described through humorous situations punctuated by hilarious dialogues. Kathadi Ramamurthy is recognized more by the prefix to his name than his actual name. Kathadi is the evergreen actor of Tamil theatre, which has been on stage for over 50 years backed by 5,000 stage appearances. Theatre is a magnificent obsession for him, as exemplified by the 32 plays staged under the banner of Stage Creations, his production house.