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Arundhati is a Tamil TV serial based on the story of a girl, Arundhati, is aired on Raj TV and produced by K. S. Sinivasn and S. Sharath through the Production Company, Vasans Visual Ventures. Directed by Sellaiya Balapirasanth, the first showing of the serial commenced on October 10, 2016. Written by P. Ragavan, it is of the family, thriller drama, soap opera genre type. Having an approximately twenty-two minutes of runtime, it hits the screen at 8 pm every weekday, from Monday to Saturday. Having completed seventy-five episodes; it is one of the most celebrated serials on television.

Lead actors like Reshmi, Sethinathan, Adhithiya, S. Priya, Sekhar, Udhay, Shri and much more have a big hand in making this serial a huge hit. The story revolves around Sanghavi, the protagonist. She, like any other girl of her age, is mature, who always dreams about her future husband. She expects him to be caring and lovable. But, luck doesn’t favour her. Every groom who visits her faces the hate and anger of the evil forces. Her parents are really tensed about it as they always fall flat, unsuccessful in finding one. Sanghavi becomes aware of the fact that she is different from others, she has extraordinary powers.

She realizes that she can cure victims of snake bite by just a touch of her hands. Subsequently, she gets married to Sankaraman. He is a policeman but down the line gets trapped in the plan of the local goons and becomes victim to their plan. He gets murdered by them. The story moves forward with the reveal of her to be the avatar of Goddess Arundhati. Later, when her family visits a sithar, she understands that she is born to protect a sacred book. The serial is also famous for its original and beautiful title song which got spread like fire, touching many hearts and is entirely shot on different locations in Tamil Nadu.

The unique concept of this daily scope received appreciation and targets the audience ranging from children to older generation. The prime time slot is perfect for this show attracting engaging audiences. The story of a girl with supernatural powers also received acknowledgement from critics. The teaser of the serial also earned attention. It created excitement in the minds of the people and made it predictable for success. This periodic came to an end on 6 January 2017.