Tamil Tv Serial Arputhangal Tharum Alayangal

Arputham Tharum Alayangal Tamil tv-serials on Zee Tamil

Arputhangal Tharum Aalayangal is a Tamil television serial which had been based on the category of a sort of talk show. This television show presents to its viewers an aura of peace, by dealing with spiritual and religious rituals, and stories of various temples. This show impacts its audience into feeling a pleasant morning and continuing this positive atmosphere throughout the day as well. This serial covers and discusses the unique elevation in cultural attributes, inhibiting features, magnificent attributes and highly beneficial characteristics of temples, not only for ones situated in Tamil Nadu but across the vast lengths of India as well.

The format of this show conceptualized based on travel blogs, where the host describes an individual temple and explains everything related to the temple in a very informative and learned manner. This show is presented by Devaprasanna Jothidar and Dr. Nagarajan. They point out the temple, its culture, features, and attributes, and benefits, enlightening not only our minds but our spiritual intelligence as well. The temples, that are described, are mentioned in the ancient musical songs of Azhvars and Nayanmars in a layman’s language, and thereby contributing towards adding value to the lives of ordinary men.

The show takes its viewers to numerous temples, which are situated across the country, and provides the location of the temples as well. It pinpoints the importance that is attributed to the temples and through their history explains the reasons behind their existence in the place. The details provided through this serial educate the audience of the various explanations and descriptions of historical temples and enlightens them so that they themselves can spread the knowledge and impart the wisdom of the ancient times to the people surrounding them.

This Tamil television series achieves to create that bond between God and his men, which nowadays seems to be lost. Not only does this show fills the houses of its viewers in the morning with positivity, but also educates them on their cultural and traditional heritage. This Tamil television show delivers its viewers with sheer knowledge on different religious and cultural heritages and also enlightens them on the power of these places that govern the essence of humanity in this realm. The viewers of this show receive a lot of valuable insights, of which they were never aware of, and a lot of wisdom, which fills them up with positive vibes. This show had been highly appreciated by its audience, which are almost all the Tamil households in the country.