Tamil Tv Serial Aridharam Poosiya Uravugal

Aridharam Poosiya Uravugal Tamil Tv serials on Youtube channel

Aridharam Poosiya Uravugal is a Tamil web series by YouTube channel Rajshri Tamil. K. Balachander produced this show. He has also worked earlier on shows such as Paarthale Paravasam and Poi. K. Vijayan directed this series. He has also directed other serials including Janani and Manaivi. The series consisted of five episodes. Each episode was around 45 minutes long. The show revolves around a joint family consisting of two brothers and two sisters. Kavithalaya Krishnan plays the central protagonist. He has acted in many Balachander projects before. His successful movies are Sawaari and Dasavatharam. In the story, the central character Chandramohan has always sacrificed his happiness for his siblings.

Being the eldest in the family, responsibilities of the family fell on his lap after his parents. His brother and the two sisters were loved, cared and provided all the luxuries of life even though Chandramohan himself never indulged in any. Now, as a middle-aged man, he realizes that his family are busy with their work and do not care about him. They only interact with him when they require his money. At this juncture in his life, he realizes that he has never lived for himself. He realizes that he has a lot of things to experience and enjoy. He makes the decision not to let his family bog him down anymore. He makes the resolution to cut off his family from his money and spend that money the way he always wanted to. He also wanted to understand what the reaction of his family would be when they hear this decision.

The five episodes revolve around this story of sacrifice and people taking their family for granted. At the end of the series, the characters learn the value of family and true bond. The series ended in 2013. Since then, it has garnered several hundred views on YouTube and has a separate channel dedicated to it. The famous producer of the show, Balachander passed away in 2015. This show has earned its name in his long list of successful shows.