Tamil Tv Serial Anupallavi

Anupallavi Tamil TV SERIALS on SUN TV

Anupallavi was a successful and long-running Tamil daily soap opera and family drama that aired on Sun TV from April 2010 to January 2012. It aired almost 450 episodes. The show was produced by Abhinaya Creations. It was directed by Mani Barathy and R. Dhandapani. R. S. Balmurgan served as the writer while the screenplay was written by C. U. Muthuselvan. The show had a large cast including Abhishek Shankar, Yuvasree, and Deepa in title characters. The show also had the presence of popular comedian Kathaadi Ramamurthy. There were others including Sangeeta, Sairam, and T. D. Sundarajan as the supporting cast.

The story revolved around the three main characters – Rajaraman, Anu, and Pallavi played by Abhishek, Yuvasree, and Deepa respectively. The show derives its name from the combination of its title characters – Anu and Pallavi. Abhishek’s character Rajaraman is a polygamist and has two wives – Anu and Pallavi. He has children with both of them – Niveda, Manju, and Santhosh born to Anu while Kartik and Priya are born to Pallavi. Rajaraman does not discriminate and loves both Anu and Pallavi dearly. However, both of them do not see eye to eye. Rajaraman is also a very successful and wealthy industrialist with lots of assets to his name.

Anu and Pallavi are aware of this fact and try to turn the tide in their favor and inherit their husband’s wealth and ensure their survival. The struggle between the two of them forms the crux of the story. Both Anu and Pallavi are ruthless characters who would not stop unless they achieve their goal. The show follows how both of them try to foil each others’ plan and win their husband’s love. Rajaraman is not a fool and is aware of the plays his wives are making.

He regularly serves as a voice of reason and tries his best to keep the relationship between his wives happy and loving. Anu and Pallavi often treat their rivalry as a fight to keep their stake in the family. The show unfolds as we see if Rajaraman can resolve the disputes and they come out as one happy family. The show is different for how it treats its female characters. Rather than being submissive, they are shrewd and manipulative which is a refreshing change of pace from the boring old drama on the television.