Tamil Tv Serial Anantharamanin Thirumanam

Anantharamanin Thirmanam is one of the TV series that adopted the genre ‘humor’. This is a hilarious show which would provide complete entertainment for people of all ages. The plot of this series would revolve around the male lead who will be a young man.

The male lead role was taken up by the famous TV actor, Subhalekha Sudhakar. The leading television actors like 'Y.G. Mahendra', 'Satyanarayana', ' Haritha', ' Vinodhini', ' Poorani' and 'Radha Bhai' have made their appearances in this series. The cast crew of this series included the actors like 'Bindhu Madhavi', 'Aasham Srisha', 'Bose', ' Madhu' and 'Gopal Raj'. The other actors of this series are 'Guru Prakash', 'Prasath Raj', 'K.K. Sharma', ' Ramachandran' and ' Vijay'. The child artist of this series was 'Baby Sowmya'.

‘Puji Creations’ is the production company which produced this comedy series. The direction part of this series was carried out by K. Balaji. He was also the person who had written screenplay and dialogues for this series. Moreover, he is also the producer of this series. Nandha Kumar and Saami were the assistant directors of this series. The story was written by the famous actress, ' Kutty Padmini'. She has also acted in this series. The music for this series was composed by G. Anand.