Tamil Tv Serial Amman

Amman Tamil Tv serials on Vijay tv
Amman, was aired in Star Vijay.The serial was one more among the other serials which were shot depicting the power of the Goddess Amman.With actress , Praveena, playing the role of Amman, the serial was a big hit among the women.

The whole serial was shown, as how the Godess save her devotees and protect them. The power of Adhiparashakthi amman is shown in a way that ,it made the viewers ,trust and believe in the power more. The truth triumphs over the evil was the moral and theme of the story. The purpose of sumangali poojas done for the longevity of husbands’ life, the reason behind the fasting, the scientific reasons about the festivals, customs and traditions are clearly explained in the serial. The devotees of Amman appreciated the serial and the serial was yet another one to prove the strength of Amman. Amman known in different names like Kamakshi, Meenakshi, Visalakshi,Parashakthi and many more names ,was depicted as Adhiparashakthi in this serial. The title song, showed many Amman temples and the devotees oh Amman in those temples. The title song was considered as one of the famous Amman songs.