Tamil Tv Serial Ambigai

Ambigai Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Ambigai is a story of a Myra Bakshi who does not live with her original parents. Her mother Mrs. Sunita Bakshi was a politician and a social worker. Because of his sensible works as politician, she gains popularity and a spine in the eyes of other peoples, so they 1st killed her father Mr. Anand Bakshi Anand Bakshi was an old poet and lyricist with his >> Read More... to disappoint her mother, however somehow Sunita Bakshi realized that her husband was killed, and she begins investigation and found the killers and start planning to jail them, however, the driver ofMrs. Sunita Bakshi, Manoj Singh Bhardwaj is aware of plans of Sunita, therefore the enemies bribe the driver Manoj to know the reality, which ends in danger on Sunita Bakshi.

She has been constantly attacked by attackers and therefore she realized that it might be terribly dangerous for Myra to live together with her. Therefore, she handed her to her neighbor Kabir Ganguly and Abha Ganguly and told her to not tell Myra anything regarding her oldsters. Myra is simply three years old and doesn't understand what was happening with them and, at present, she forgets everything concerning her parents and also the things happened together with her seventeen years back. Myra or Ahana(new name of Myra) is a bit like a shadow of Mrs. Sunita and everything of Myra was matching with her.

Even she too want to be a social worker however not a politician, she hates politics. She wants to open her NGO and business with Aarav and Navya. Aarav, the son of Abha, is a private detective, however, any member of his family is unaware of this except Ahana because Ahana is his sister like a friend, and he's a computer specialist on other side and can hack any server at a second. Navya, daughter of Kabir Ganguly an artist, painter and number one interior decorator in her town. Tamanna Singh Rathore an unclean politician and running NGO of Sunita Bakshi on her patterns.

Aadesh Thakur is an area MLA. Manoj Singh is past driver of Sunita Bakshi but currently, he owned a transportation company and a garage, that is the most key behind Sunita Bakshi attack. Aadesh Thakur, Manoj, Tamanna Singh Rathore are still connected to each other the factor that world is not aware of, and that they are still doing crimes underground with their fourth partner Faizal Mohammad an identified criminal of their town, which is saved by MLA all told crimes and nobody is aware of it. Even several children enigmatically disappear from Tammanaa's NGO. Aarav get a contract to find Faizal Mohammad because he had killed someone's son and is out of jail for no reason, therefore his boss ordered him to search out the hands behind him.

On investigation, Aarav comes to know that who is Myra and Ahana and what happened along with her in her childhood and on further investigation he comes to know that her mother is alive. Faizal and his brother Irfan Mohammad Irfan Mohamed is a young, budding Tamil serial ac >> Read More... runs a crime gang in their town and each is specialist of somethings like Irfan's specialty is a headshot, and he never misses the top once a gun is given to him. Aarav further tries to research, and now he knows all regarding the Myra. He told his parents about it, who simply neglected it and said to stay silent and bury the speak.

Now Ahana is working with Tamanna to gain knowledge for running an NGO, and she comes to know that something is wrong with Tamanna, so she told everything to Aarav which in turn told everything to her, he knows. Taking note of it Ahana broke completely and determined to find Sunita Bakshi. She additionally tries to search out ways to bring out the reality of everyone which can also be dangerous for her. The entire story rotates around all these people to find Sunita and to provide justice to her.