Tamil Tv Serial Alai Oasai

Alai Oasai Tamil Tv serials on Doordarshan

Alai Oasai is a story of a girl and a boy who are in a relationship for more than three years from their college life. Now the boy Shailendra Sharma is placed in a good company, and girl Naina Thakur is doing work in a private hospital in the same city as Shailendra. Shailendra's father Mr. Praful Sharma is a known advocate and an open person, his mother Nilima Sharma is a well-known businesswoman of their area, Shailendra has a sister named Isha Sharma.

She is a student of government college and knows about Naina. Naina's father Mr. Yashwant Thakur is a farmer and is running a private bank for farmers and a politician of their area. Naina's mom is a housewife. Now Naina and Shailendra want to marry each other, and they get confirmation from their parents too.

Both the families are known families of Hyderabad, hence when these families meet they became a superpower for the enemies of both the families. Mr. Subramanyam Kattar is a manager of Subramanyam Enterprises, he can do anything for the money. He also runs a side business of construction Bilawal constructions run by the right hand of Subramanyam: Ramesh Bilawal. Khemendra Singh is a rival politician of Yashwant Thakur which always hated the happiness of Thakur family.

He has a police officer in command Mr. Mohnish Prajapat (ACP of the police officer) for fulfilling his deeds. When the news about joining of two great families reached other persons, they tried their best to stop their marriage, but Naina and Shailendra passed these waves of problems from their life. They got married and started living together in Banglore.

But after the marriage, the political and business pressures due to the rival gangs increased day by day and hence they have to call Shailendra to handle this which was an excellent speaker and writer. He can deal with almost every person. The whole story revolves around the problems around Shailendra and Naina.