Tamil Tv Serial Adhey Kangal

Adhey Kangal  Tamil TV SERIALS on JAYA TV

We will be discussing a little about the Tamil daily soap “Adhey Kangal”. This is a fantasy, mythological, horror TV serial. The show was aired for a single season with 156 episodes. This horror daily soap is based on various myths and beliefs that we have in our society, such as, the existence of ghosts. Adhey Kanagal aired exclusively on Jaya TV in Tamil Nadu. It started telecasting on Jaya TV from 17th February 2014 and ran till 26th September 2014. The show was even telecasted in other countries like Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Europe, and Canada too.

The lead roles in the serial Adhey Kangal were performed by Maheswari and Bharathi. So the story starts, with a couple who went out to watch a movie and were returning home. While they were returning, something mysterious happens and a ghost named as Nagavali (Bharathi) appears. Since the movie they went to watch was a late night show, it was almost midnight by the time this incident takes place. The couple then decides to go from another road which is shorter.

This short cut passes through a town, quite normal and regularly used by the passer-by’s. But when the couple cross that local village, an old man tries to stop them and convince them not to travel that road. This old man is actually possessed by the ghost Nagavali who is trying to trap the couple. Despite being warned, the couple still choose not to care and walk along the same way. However, no ghosts come.

However, two drunk men interrupt the couple on their way and try to rape the girl. The girl on the other hand, acts smartly and behaves as if she is possessed. This scares the drunk men who run away and later get killed by the actual ghost Nagavali. The lovers return to their homes comfortably. Then the show talks about the story of the girl’s family and how they used to live and survive maintaining their lifestyle etc. This is a basic storyline of the show Adhey Kangal.