Tamil Tv Serial Adade Manohar

Adade Manohar Tamil Tv serials on Doordarshan

Adade Manohar was aired on Doordarshan. The serial was produced by S.Krishnan from his own productions named “Aarkay Home movies”. It was one of the serials telecasted in Doordarshan in the beginning stage. The serial was written and directed by Adade Manohar, who was an actor in television and radio dramas.

He was named 'Murali Manohar' by birth, but after this serial, he was known as Adade Manohar. When aired on Doordarshan, the serial was watched with much interest by the audience. Apart from depicting a family with various issues and problems, it had comedy sequences too, which took the serial in a lighter vein. With a decent story line accompanied with decent jokes, the serial was a favourite among many viewers. In a magazine it was featured that, the serial pulled fans from all ages, starting from school going kids. At the beginning days of Doordarshan and Tamil serials, this one was aired with huge fan followers.