Tamil Tv Serial Abhiyum Naanum

Abhiyum Naanum Tamil TV SERIALS on SUN TV

Abhiyum Naanum is the Tamil serial telecasted on Sun TV from 26th October 2020. A Jawahar directs the serial. NR Raghunanthan composed the music. The theme song Konjum Kili is sung by Srinisha and Kannil Pokira is sung MM Manasi. The story revolves around a wealthy family and their driver and his daughter. Sivasubramaniam and Meena are the husband and wife. They have a son, Mukhil. Siva’s mother, Rajeshwari, pampers him much. Rajeshwari has two more children, a daughter and a son other than Siva. Her daughter Girija and her husband Sundar stay with Rajeshwari’s family. Girija has a son, Sumo. Sumo and Mukhil share a good bonding. Rajeshwari’s driver Saravanan lives in their outhouse with his daughter, Abhirami, aka Abhi. Abhi shares a close bond with Meena that doesn’t go well with Mukhil, who is highly possessive with his mother. Although Abhi tries to befriend him, Mukhil hates her.

It is revealed that Meena and Siva had a daughter before Mukhil, and she was born dead. But, situations make a twist that it is Abhi, their daughter. Rajeshwari strongly states that Abhi couldn’t be her granddaughter, as her grandchild was born dead. However, Saravanan, who knows the truth, didn’t reveal it, as he wanted to prove that Abhi is Siva - Meena’s daughter with proper evidence. So, they opt for a DNA test. But, Girija doesn’t want to have Meena and Abhi. So, she plans differently. What would be the result? Will Abhi and Meena unite? The rest of the story deals with it.

Vidhya Mohan, Aravind Akash, Riya Manoj, Nidhish Kutty, Latha Sethupathi, Rajkamal, Akhila, Kurinji Nathan, Athish, Shyam Ji, Vanaja, Yamuna Chinnadurai, Sathish Arunagiri, Tharini, and Master Jerome are in the main cast. In addition, Jangiri Madhumitha, RJ Vigneshkanth, and Singampuli appeared in the cameo roles.