Tamil Tv Serial Aayirathil Oruvanum Nooril Oruthiyum

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Aayirathil Oruvanum Nooril Oruthiyum is a Tamil drama television serial. This television soap opera is directed by Rajendra Kumar and is produced by K. Balachander. This Tamil television show had been based on the subject of how people are not usually born as criminals, but the harsh and cruel society forces them to turn into bitter human beings. The plot of this television soap opera revolves around the character named Mahendran. He is by profession a Domestic Relations Officer, but very strict and hates women from his very core. He is renowned to pester the female workers in the office, who, then, left with no other option, opt as a last resort to either leaving their job or get transferred elsewhere.

The routine is put to a crackling stop when a new employee appears in Mahendra’s office with the name Vidya. She decides to set things straight with Mahendran, bringing to use his past involvement with a widow called Kamali. The story walks its viewers through the tale and questions like who is Kamil; what could have happened that pushed Mahendran into so much hatred towards women; and, how are the characters in the story interrelated with each other! The story unfolds the message: there always lies a light behind every shadow of a person.

This Tamil television soap opera had been made to deliver a message to our society. The message being, that human beings are always innocent to their very core, with no hidden cruel agendas whatsoever, it is just that they have had some bad experiences which might have led them to become a vile and rigid person. No matter how much hateful a person may be, we should always strive to find out the truth, and not just treat him or her with the same attitude that they show.

We should realize that every man or woman has had the past and that we should help that person to forget about the past and not let his or her experiences cloud their judgments and transform his or her attitude towards others in the society. This show is a call out for all the people in our life who had been surrounded by mistreating people, and the people who treat badly as well. This show teaches them the valuable lesson of life, which is to treat others with love, and respect and that hate can only go so far but with love, anyone can change the world and be happy always.