Tamil Tv Serial Aattam Pattam Kondattam

Aattam Pattam Kondattam Tamil TV SERIALS on VASANTH TV

Attam Pattam Kondattam is a live concert that is held in the state of Tamil Nadu once in a year. The show is telecasted live on the channel, Vasanth TV. Vasanth TV is a satellite channel in the Tamil language which is owned by MLA Vasanth Kumar, founder of Vasanth and Co. Group which is a renowned chain dealer of consumer electronic products and home appliances in Tamil Nadu. Vasanth and Co. is also the chief sponsor of the show Attam Pattam Kondattam. The show is a charity event as well as a celebration event.

The concert generally takes place during the festival time of the year, which is either during the month of April, that is the month of Tamil new year, Puthu Varusham or during the month of November, that is the month of Diwali or during the month of December, that is the month of Christmas and New Year.

The show is star-studded with big names of the Tamil film, television and music industry. It is a night of fun, dance, music and celebration. Popular actors and actresses from the Tamil film and television industry perform dance numbers on very peppy, party songs. Some of them also give very soulful performances on soft, melodious songs. Popular singers and music composers from the industry perform their compositions or songs on that night. They perform all kinds of songs, from soft and romantic to peppy and fun songs.

There are single performances as well as duet performances. They perform songs which are favorites of the audience. All these performances are done in front of a huge live audience of thousands of people. People buy tickets to come and watch their favorite stars perform in the concert. The show not only gives a chance to popular industry people but also acts as a platform for young talented artists to perform live in front of the audience. Winners and other popular contestants of popular reality shows perform in front of their fans.

Youngsters like Super singer Jodi No.1 winners, Diwakar and Sonia, contestants Amuthavanan, Priya, Anandhi get a chance to perform on stage and gain appreciation from their fans. The host of the show also cracks jokes and keeps the attention of the audience intact throughout the evening. The show is not only about celebration but also aids a very noble cause. Each year, the proceeds that are collected from the show through the sale of tickets are donated to a cause or an NGO that supports a medical or social cause. What better than a night of crazy fun and celebration with a good cause behind it!