Tamil Tv Serial Aathira

Aathira is a Prime Time television serial. The soap opera is a Tamil show, which premiered on 30th of March in 2015. It is a C.J. Bhaskar’s direction, produced by Cine Times Entertainment. Bakar Sakthi had given the screenplay, and Chinmayi had composed the theme music. The genre of this show falls under Psychological Thriller and Horror. Along with India, this show also aired in Sri Lanka. Each episode runs for about twenty minutes to twenty-two minutes, approximately. And around 205 episodes have been aired up till today [25th January 2016]. It airs on SunTV, every day, from Monday to Friday at 10:00 p.m., and it telecasts in Sri Lanka on ShakthiTV, every day, from Monday to Friday, just 30 minutes before its India’s airing time.

The plot of the show revolves around a woman called Aathira, who is in immense love with a man named Arjun. Aathira desires to get married to this man but faces a lot of obstacles in her path. The story walks through the milestones and stumbling pebbles that Aathira is faced with while trying to achieve her dream to get married to Arjun. Before this, Arjun’s family had murdered Nilaveni, for their justified reason. After death, Nilaveni turns into a ghost and desires to kill all the men in Arjun’s family. And using Aathira, Nilaveni finally enters into Arjun’s family. All this while, Arjun’s niece fancies about marrying Arjun, even after he had been bonded with Aathira in marriage. To add upon this, Aathira’s father-in-law views Aathira with lustful eyes and wishes her for all the wrong reasons.

The story then follows into all the obstacles Aathira faces. However, Nilaveni is generous to Aathira and tries to save her. She helps Aathira, along with killing all the people responsible for her death. This series follows the genre of psychological thriller, and horror, knitted with prospective dramatized twists. The main cast of this television serial is Sree Vani, who stars as the character of Aathira or Chellama, and opposite to her is Jai Dhanush, who stars as the other lead character, Arjun. Charutha Baiju had played the role of Neelaveni. Some of the additional actors are Bala Singh, who plays the role of Rajarajan, Anju Aravind, who plays as Mangalam, Ambika Mohan appears as Aathira’s mother, Jaganatha Varma plays the role Arjun’s Grandfather, Manju Satheesh plays Arunagiri’s wife, Neena Kurup as Suseela, and Jesmy as Raji.