Tamil Tv Serial Aanmeega Kadhaigal

Aanmeega kadhaikal, a big hit in Sun tv , was about the stories related and to the religion, culture, traditions, epics and much more. Story telling is an inseperable part of Indian culture. The stories are delivered by the famous orator and pattimandram speaker Mr.Sivakumar. He is known for his speech and his spontaneous wit while delivering his speech. The stories, full of inspiration and created positive thoughts were interesting and had huge numbers of audience. The stories were excellently explained. One day the story was about Swami Vivekananda and his pet dog. The dog was not liked by some people in the math and i was taken one day to a distant place, and they left it there. But it returned to the math after few days and stayed there until the death of Swami. After his demise, the dog too died after few days. The ‘samaathi’ of the dog is still in Belur math. This story was a hit among the children. The stories about Ramakrishna Paramahamsar, the saints from all over India, the stories about wisdom, about love and service were all explained in a way that the viewer felt motivated and gained positive energy by listening to the stories every morning.

The stories explained love and also how we need intelligence and knowledge to solve the issues of life. The historical events associated with the stories and how the stories were based on the culture and traditions were explained in an unique style. Viewers, just by hearing the stories, had an experience of visiting all the temples and maths all over India. The stories beautifully depicted that the way to heaven is only through love and through service and charity to the human beings and all the creatures in the world with life. The stories from epics like Ramayana, Mahabharatha were narrated by Sivakumar very interestingly with patience and passion, which earned him many fans all over the world. From the stories, the viewers were able to understand about many of our legends, who apart from difference in religions, caste, culture and traditions, all preached the same, what they had in their minds and thoughts, that, Love is life and Love the life and all the living creatures. Service to needy is service to God.