Tamil Tv Serial Aachi International

Achi International was produced By AVM productions, M.Saravanan, M.Balasubramanian, M.S Guhan as producers was telecasted as Sunday special serial. With actress Manorama, called fondly as achi by everyone in real life too, the serial included Peelisivam ,Seenu mohan, Crazy Balaji, Dharini, Vasuki,Deepa venkat and others. The title song penned by Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu was sung by Manorama herself. The song starting as “AVM-in Sunday special….ithu achi international………”was heard in all the houses during the telecast. The music was by Chandrabose. The story, screen play, dialogue and direction were by Venkat. The story was interesting, that, a woman due to certain cirucumstances and situations was forced to get separation from her husband. She with great hardships in life, struggled to prosper in life with the children. Her sacrifices, hard work was shown excellently, that it made many women get inspired by that character. With Balaji(crazy –madhu), Seenu in the serial, there were excellent comedies too , which made the audience laugh out their day to day worries.Seenu played the role of son of Achi, which was really appreciable , for the talent he showed in with Manorama.

Manorama, as the owner of the humble restaurant, had played the role with her natural acting skills,that made the audience believe that she really was the owner of a restaurant. The recipes she mentioned then and there, with ingredients, added spice to the serial and the dishes she mentioned made many to recollect and relish the dishes they enjoyed, from the cooking of their mothers and grandmothers. Deepa venkat, Peelisivam and Dharini had shown their talents in this serial, and were applauded for their contribution for the success of Achi International. AVM Productions as always had fulfilled the taste and expectations of the viewers.