Tamil Tv Serial 7aam Uyir

7aam Uyir Tamil TV SERIALS on YouTube Channel

It is a Tamil thriller daily soap that aired Monday-Friday in the evenings on Vendhar TV. The series ran its hiatus from 1 June 2015 and ended with a series finale on 31 March 2016, airing at 7:00 PM and also 9:00 PM IST. It ran for 1 season only, comprising of 210 episodes and was highly appreciated by the masses. The show was a multi-starrer with the main cast comprising of various actors and actresses among others. It was the brainchild of, and directed by Alzhagar Swamy. The show was shot in the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Himachal Pradesh. The theme music composer of the show is Johnson.

Approximate run time of the show varies from 20 to 22 minutes of screen time per episode with each being 30 minutes long. 7 Aam Uyir is a story of seven young girls who are about to be haunted by some devilish unknown spirit, sent by Veerabhadran. He is the evil force who wishes to rule over the entire universe. To realize his this wish, he has to give in the sacrifice of seven girls born on the same day sharing the same stars or nakshatra. But all these girls live in different places and hence, are totally scattered. A baby is born with supernatural powers who targets those seven girls. Their links to the devilish child, their subsequent escape from the evil entity, and Veerabhadran's trials to target the girls for his own good form the crux of the story. This forms the introduction to the thriller saga.

The show does not shy away from killing away main or supporting characters, and this aspect makes it an unpredictable ride. The thriller series released to positive reviews on 1 June 2015 on Vendhar TV. The hit show was also broadcasted internationally on the Channel's international sister channels. It has also aired in Malaysia and Singapore on Astro Vinmeen HD and also in United States, Canada, Europe and Australia on Athavan TV. The episodes were also released online on Vendhar TV's YouTube channel for public viewership.

The show enjoyed a good run with people accepting the thriller and horror amalgam genre and appreciating the spine-chilling scenes shown in these episodes. The frozen snow, piercing chillness, steep mountains and frosty streams of the locations shown in the climax also add up to give a total sitting on the edge feel episodes, which led to an overall watched by many finales.