Tamil Awards Women Achiever Awards 2016

Women Achiever Awards 2016 Tamil TV SERIALS on RAJ TV

Women achiever awards is a Tamil show that was aired in Raj TV. The format of this show honors the women in India as many women have achieved and is an inspiration for many people, and these women are invited in this show to share their journey and awards will be given to the most desirable women of the year in various industry. Many talented women broke the concept of gender criticism that has been swirling over for decades and made people believe that women are capable of excelling in all fields and strongly carved the concept of gender equality in the minds of various people.

The inspiring stories of the actresses, sports, entrepreneur, and politics, leadership, and police department officers are shared in this show to the viewers. These women are honored in this show with awards for the achievement in their successful career by overcoming all the barriers. The speech given by them was taken as an inspiration to many girls to achieve their dream goals in any career despite all the norms. The show was attended by various famous personalities in the film industry like Gowthami, Radhika, Khushbu, and Rohini. The college students also gave a dazzling performance in this show, which captivated the heart of the viewers. Many popular singers also rendered famous songs in movies. The celebrities distributed awards to many charity owned women and conveyed their appreciation and also shared views on womanhood.