Tamil Awards Pradhana Vizha 2014

Pradhana Vizha 2014 Tamil AWARDS on Vasantham

Pradhana Vizha is an award show meant for Tamil artists working in Singapore TV shows. The award show was backed by Mediacorp which is a huge media corporation and has produced tons of hit shows. Tons of artists fly to the award function just to see their colleagues win and then celebrate that win in solidarity. In India, the trend for award ceremonies is very high and so Pradhana Vizha benefits hugely from this trend and always score higher ratings than ever. In 2014 the award ceremony was all the more grand and several great artists from the field of television came to the show.

The 14th edition of the award ceremony had 27 awards to give. The show was hosted by Udaya Soundari, Saravanan Ayyavoo, and Jaynesh Isuran. The award for the best actor went to Sivakumar Palakrishnan for Veethi Varai. The award for best actress went to Udaya Soundari for her performance in Veethi Varai. Veethi Varai also won the most prestigious award for the night which is the Best drama award. Veethi Virai was the show with the highest nominations. Other ward included the best editing, the best supporting role, best comedic performances in which the deserving candidate won. Lifetime achievement award was given to Manimaran Thorasamy. The show was telecasted on  Vasantham.