Tamil Awards Littleshows Awards 2014

Littleshows Awards 2014 Tamil TV SHOWS on SUN TV

With expanding opportunities for new talents in the film industry, littleshows.com organised the little shows short film award function in 2014 capturing the interest of audiences from across the industry. With more young and energetic talents entering and waiting to display their ability of offer something different from what cinema has been for so long, the award could gather various critics to comment positively about the initiative. Hosted by Vijay Adhiraj and Ramya the event started up with huge cheers and energetic nominees seated to watch and wait for their opportunity to win and party. Actors Shaam and Jayaprakash stood forward to distributed the awards to the winners.

Among those who graced their presence during the event were Kalaipuli S Thanu, Neelima Rani, UTV Dhananjayan, Haritha, Nikhil Murugan, Ravindra Chandrashekar, RJ Balaji, Ashok, who also showed great enthusiasm and felicitated the winners with cheers and smiles. The opportunity opened up to expand a great platform to appreciate the work of various people dedicating their creativity to short films. Most important awards of the evening include Best Actor Male – Deepak Paramesh For KALAM, Best Actor Female for Lakshmi Menon for FELIZ NAVIDAD, Best Supporting Actor Male to Moses Rajkumar For the film Kalam,Best supporting female actor to KR Ramgamma for the film KUTTIMA, Best child artist for Kavya for her performance in KALKI.

For technological work dedicated to films awards such as Best Animation for CHASNI, Best VFX for SHARPNEL, Best Editor for Manikumaran for his wonderful work in the film BRAHMI, Best Cinematographer to Sujith Sarang for VYUGAM .

Appreciating the creativity of a writer the Best Innovative Story award went to Sathuranga Vellai movie and the best movie taken towards a cause went to the movie DHARMAM.The best Director award went to Lokesh Kanararaj for his movie KALAM. The movie also was much appreciated by various critics who watched the film. Little shows find of the year was bagged by KADAISI MUTHAM Film with much more appreciations and KUTTIMA film received the People`s Choice award. One important and unique award of grand gesture Balu Mahendra award went to the movie SOLAYAARU and left the team of the film in absolute bliss. A platform offered to open up for aspiring talents encouraged various participants to present their creative best and compete to win. These nominees also had the opportunity to get to meet stars of the cinema industry which definitely encouraged them.