Punjabi Tv Show Superstar Nuh Season-1

Superstar Nuh Punjabi TV SHOWS on Zee Punjabi

Superstar Nuh is a Punjabi family reality show on Zee Punjabi that premiered on 5 April 2021. The show is also available on Zee5. The show, hosted by Misha Sarowal Bakshi, focuses on daughters-in-law. They get depicted as heroes of the house who handle everything at home. They play fun games with children, make confessions, and talk about their beautiful bond in the family show. This series aims to reconnect families and show them how daughters-in-law are the powerhouse of the family and their bond with everyone. The fun games played by the family of the episode and the host show how caring, loving, and competent a daughter-in-law can be. It aired every week from Monday to Friday at 5:30 PM. There is only one season with 195 episodes, and each episode is 40-43 minutes long.