Marathi Tv Serial Tu Saubhagyavati Ho

Tu Saubhagyavati H Marathi TV SERIALS on Sony Marathi

Tu Saubhagyavati Ho is a Marathi drama serial on Sony Marathi. The serial tells the story of an 18-year-old Aishwarya who gets married to a man almost thrice her age. Aishwarya is portrayed as a simple, charming and bubbly, eighteen-year-old woman who is born and brought up in a village by a poor family. Soon she gets married off to the village tycoon named Suryabhan Jadhav. Suryabhan is portrayed as a widower in his forties who has three kids. Aishwarya is still positive and optimistic about her marriage and believes that everything would turn out fine.

She enters her in-laws with high hopes. But, soon she finds out that Suryabhan still can’t forget his dead wife and loves her immensely. She also faces several obstacles in her married life which bring her hopes crashing down. She remains strong throughout the whole ordeal and becomes determined to overcome each and every obstacle and win the love of her husband as well as her three older step-children.