Marathi Tv Serial Shrawanbaal Rockstar

Shrawanbaal Rockstar Marathi TV SERIALS on zee yuva

Shrawanbaal Rockstar is a Marathi TV serial that aired on Zee Yuva and is also available on OTT platform Zee5. This series is about the dreams and passions of a youngster and how the society and parents oppress them. The story is of Hrushikesh, a young boy who loves music. He dreams to be on the stage in front of thousands of people and become a rockstar. When his parents find out about his passion they immediately disregard it as a naïve and childish dream. His parents do not think of music as a stable career and are completely against it. Hrushikesh feels disheartened by the ignorance of his parents but does not give up on his dream. Will Hrushikesh be able to live his dream of becoming a rockstar or his parent’s pressure will put an end to his dream?