Marathi Tv Serial Rang Maza Vegla

Rang Maza Vegla Marathi TV SERIALS on STAR PRAVAH

Rang Maza Vega is an Indian Marathi serial aired on 30th October 2019, on Star Pravah. It is an official remake of the Malayalam TV series Karuthamuthu. Rang Maza Vega is the love story of a young girl Deepa. Soundarya Inamdar is the owner of the company “Satej Kanti.” For Soundarya, appearance is a characteristic of a person due to his past incidents. That's why she hates dark-skinned people. Deepa's mother died in an accident while saving Kartik's life while she was a nurse. Her father, Shridhar, marries Radha. They have a daughter named Shweta. She hates Deepa because of her dark complexion. Shweta is 'Wheatish' in the house. Kartik is Soundarya’s son, sensitive and intelligent. For him, it is not the only thing that should matter.

When he meets Deepa falls in love with her because of her kind behaviour towards people. Deepa helps a man on the road suffering from acidity, but she thinks of it as a heart problem and takes him to Hospital with the help of Kartik. Deepa donated blood to the Hospital due to the lack of blood in the blood bank, which was urgently needed for the patient. Deepa signed an eye donation form after listening to Kartik counsel people at a camp. Kartik praises Deepa and compliments them that her eyes are so beautiful.