Marathi Tv Serial Prem He

Prem He Marathi TV SERIALS on zee yuva

Prem He is a romance drama. The show premiered in 2017 on the Zee Yuva channel. It aired Monday to Saturday at 9 pm. Each episode had a run time of 45 minutes. The 28-episode show is available to stream on the Zee5 OTT platform. Santosh Manjrekar and Praveen Parab directed the show. Santosh Kanekar had produced the show under the banner of Bodhi Tree Multimedia. The cast was extensive, with some well-known names. Sameer Penkar had done the screenplay and dialogues. Sachin Tadakhe wrote the series. This serial was received well by the audience. Prem He is an excellent example of beautiful narration. It is a romantic tale of five interconnected couples.

The stories highlight the importance of love and the need for faith and loyalty. They showcase love at various stages and ages and its journey to maturity from the initial fancy lover title. Prem He is a good watch for its storytelling technique, and the cast justifies their roles immensely.