Marathi Tv Serial Maziya Mahera

Maziya Mahera Marathi TV SERIALS on Colors Marathi

Maziya Mahera is a Marathi romantic/drama serial telecast on Colors Marathi. The story is about a young girl named Pallavi who aspires to become a district collector. However, she also needs to look after her family and her ailing father. With the burden of immense responsibility towards her family and having dreams of her own success, she becomes a strong woman who is determined to reach her goal.

As the days pass, she develops feelings for a man, and because of this, several obstacles are set in her path. However, she overcomes each obstacle with determination and never loses the sight of her goal. She fights against all odds and sacrifices a lot to achieve her goal of becoming a district collector. When her father shows signs of recovery, she takes her family to an ancient temple as she had earlier promised.