Marathi Tv Serial Chandra Aahe Sakshila

Chandra Aahe Sakshila Marathi TV SERIALS on Colors Marathi

Chandra Aahe Sakshila is a Marathi drama TV series on Zee Marathi that premiered on 11 November 2020 and ended on 17 April 2021. The show is also available on Voot. The story is about an educated, hardworking woman, Swati, unmarried in her thirties. She meets Shridhar, whose marriage with his wife, Poornima, is falling apart. She falls in love with him, and they begin dating.

Sometime later, she gets pregnant and gives birth to a baby boy, and she wants to marry Shridhar. She finds out that he is not who he claims to be when a stranger warns her not to marry him. Shridhar lures her into a trap, and she does not realize it until it's too late. What follows after is a story of betrayals, hurt, misunderstanding, deceit, and love. There is only one season with 138 episodes, and each episode is 22-24 minutes long. It aired every week from Monday to Saturday at 8:30 PM.

Subodh Bhave and Rutuja Bagwe played the main characters as Shridhar and Swati respectively, while Nakshatra Medhekar, Kunjika Kalwit, Uma Sardeshmukh, Surekha Kudachi, Isha Deshpande, Bipin Surve, and many others play the recurring roles as their family and friends. 

Mulakshar Productions was the production company behind the show. Raghunandan Barve and Vaibhav Kelkar were the directors, while Chinmay Mandlekar and Digpal Lanjekar were the producers. The composer of the theme song was Devdatta Baji, which Bela Shende sang. The show was Subodh Bhave's entry to the small screen after a long time of movies.