Marathi Tv Serial Amaar Babin

Amaar Babin Marathi TV SERIALS on Ruposhi Bangla

Amaar Babin on Ruposhi Bangla is a serial that tells the story of a young Ayush who goes to the city to find his father. Ayush is brought up by his mother Sudakshina who tells him that his father lives in Kolkata and goes by the name of Rahul. After her death, Ayush runs away from the convent in search of his father which sets a number of things in motion.

After many obstacles, Ayush finally finds the house that belongs to his father Rahul. However, on the very same day, Rahul was going to get married to a woman named Gargi. When Ayush appears and claims Rahul is his father, the wedding gets called off because everyone thinks that Ayush must have been the result of one of Rahul’s several affairs. Initially, Rahul gets angry at Ayush because of the wedding getting canceled and all the misery and embarrassment the child causes, however, as time passes he learns that Ayush is nothing but an innocent child which melts his heart.