Marathi Tv Serial Agnipariksha

Agnipariksha Marathi TV SERIALS on Zee Marathi

This is a survival story of a tough young girl Durga, the only unmarried child left in the family. She lives with her parents, two brothers, and their wives. Durga is a well-educated and well-mannered girl raised with lots of pampering. She grows into a graceful, intelligent, nurturing, and brilliant woman. She is nurturing by nature and knows how to handle unfavorable situations politely. She takes care of everyone and never forgets to fetch medicines for her father and makes sure he takes them timely. She belongs to a rich and healthy family.

But her family is in grave danger of breaking apart as the thoughts between her brothers and parents clash and are swallowing the piece of this family. The inner battles between brothers gradually throng their desires.  As if the the family problems  and the relatives weren't enough, destiny also sets up more challenging tasks. The story showcases the survival journey of a tough young girl who does not let any string detach from the family and prevents threats to her family and her future, how she survives and saves her family and herself.