Marathi Tv Serial Aggabai Sasubai

Aggabai Sasubai Marathi TV SERIALS on Zee Marathi

Aggabai Sasubai is a Marathi TV serial directed by Jayant Pawar. The story is by Sukhada Ayre and Shekhar Dhavalikar. Rohini Ninave penned the screenplay, and the dialogues are by Pallavi Karkera and Kiran Kulkarni. Ashok Patki is the music composer of the theme song, and Madhura Datar crooned it. Santosh Pednekar cranked the camera, and Sunil Bhosale produces the series under the banner Someel Creations. It premiered from 22nd July 2019 to 13th March 2021 on Zee Marathi. It is also available on Zee 5.

Asawari loses her husband at a young age and raises Soham, her son, single-handedly. Besides her son, she takes care of Aajoba, her father-in-law. She doesn’t care for herself and leads a simple life. Soham gets married to Shubhra. Abhijeet Raje is a popular chef, and he hosts a cookery show, Swad Aswad. Asawari likes the show hosted by Abhijeet Raje. Soham and Shubhra’s marriage party is held at the restaurant run by Abhijeet. Abhijeet falls in love with Asawari when he sees her at his restaurant. Once, Asawari makes Gharge and impressed by the dish, Abhijeet send his manager to her house and pays her with a cheque for Gharge recipe. Due to a misunderstanding, Abhijeet’s marriage is fixed with his manager, Maddy. Shubhra, who wants her mother-in-law to be happy, insists on wearing the saree given as a gift by Abhijeet. After a few months, Shubhra meets Abhijeet and brings out the truth that Abhijeet loves Asawari. Abhijeet proposes to Asawari, and they decide to get wedded. But, Soham doesn’t like his mother getting wedded and plans to spoil the wedding. What happens next? Did they get married? The rest of the story deals with it.

Tejashri Pradhan, Nivedita Joshi-Saraf, Girish Oak, Ravi Patwardhan, and Ashutosh Patki are in the main cast. After Ravi Patwardhan quit the series, Mohan Joshi replaced him. Tejashri Pradhan plays Shubhra, Nivedita plays Asawari, and Girish Oak plays Abhijeet. Sanjivani Sathe, Bhakti Ratnaparkhi, Bhagyesh Patil, Arun Mohare, Rajshri Potdar, Pratibha Goregaonkar, Mahesh Kokate, Leena Athavale-Datar, Nikhil Zope, Sandip Patil, Rajesh Bhosale, Pournima Dey, and Sakshi Gandhi are in the supporting roles.