Malayalam Tv Show Top Gear

Top Gear Malayalam tv-shows on YouTube Channel

Top Gear is an all new motoring show that is being launched by the Malayalam channel Amrita TV. The show walks its viewers through a range of latest cars and bikes which are going to hit the road. The show talks about the motoring matters of each vehicle, the process of acquiring the vehicle, the know how’s of the particular vehicle from its maintenance to its performance. The show was launched on the channel on 7 August, and it gets telecasted at 11:30 a.m., on every Sunday. Unlike the other shows on cars and bikes,

Top Gear provides its audience a quick shuffle in its segments, while giving complete information on each. This all the aspects of the vehicle gets covered, and the viewer gets to know everything related to the vehicle before deciding to buy it. This show is not only for the ones who are looking to buy a new vehicle but for the motor heads and gear heads as well. The detail in which each vehicle is talked about in this show gives the entire experience of watching the show exactly being in an auto expo. The format of the show kicks off with the segment called the Top Story.

This segment takes its viewers to what is new in the automobile industry; the newest trends, the latest cars which are just off the assembly line, etc. The second segment comes out with a brand new car, and bike, and gives the viewers to see the first ride of both of them. All the performance tweaks are tested in this segment, including learning about the different aspects of the particular car and bike. It is moreover a driving assessment of the particular vehicle that is showcased in this segment. The third segment showcases the exotic world of accessories.

This segment deals with the latest gadgets, motor parts, and customization. This segment is particularly the favorite of many auto fanatics. This segment is followed by two other segments called Go Safe, and then Car Doctor. While the first deals with how to be safe with the particular vehicle, and the second deals with the known how’s of maintenance of the particular car and bike. Lastly, the final segment deals with the aspect of which vehicle is suitable for which kind of people, according to their budget, lifestyle, and requirements.

Overall the show fuses with all the aspects of an automobile magazine, telecasting something which is not only suiting to the ordinary viewers but also making it worthwhile for the enthusiasts.