Malayalam Tv Show The Edge

The Edge Malayalam TV SHOWS on Kerala Vision

The Edge is an informational tv show aired on the Kerala Vision tv channel. It started in 2019 and airs for 25 minutes per episode. In the show, there is a host who tells the stories of different extraordinary men that have done some great work in their respective fields and deserve some spotlight. In the show, she tries to tell the stories of these men and then visits their home to take their interview. In the show, she asks different questions to them, and they answer her questions. In the show, she asks them how they got the motivation for the things they did and what motivated them the most. She also asks them to give some tips to the viewers who are watching the show and aspiring to make it big in the industry. In one of the episodes, she visited a worker named Ramankutti, who is a worker in the Indian post office. She told the viewers that he is one of the best in his job and has won several awards. She visited and interviewed him and asked several questions related to his works and other things.

In another episode, she visited a person named Abheesh, who has won several awards in bodybuilding and has gotten some records in his name. He has won awards from national as well as international institutions for his powers and bodybuilding techniques. He visited his place and interviewed him. She asked some questions related to his physics and other things. She asked him about his diet and then asked what are the things that make him special. She also asked him about his experience in different countries. In another episode, she visited a factory where they make jeans from scratch. She showed the viewers the whole place and the work area. In the episode, she told the story of these workers and how they started making these clothes. She showed the process of them making clothes and other things. If you are looking for something to be inspired and not getting what you want, watch the show. This might give you an idea of what to do next in your life to be successful.