Malayalam Tv Show Tharolsavam

Tharolsavam Malayalam Tv shows on Kairali tv

Tharolsavam is a TV show in Malayalam Language. The show Tharoslavam aired on one of the leading Regional entertainment television channel in Malayalam language Kairali TV. Tharolsavam was a music and acting based celebrity reality show. Tharolsavam was a first reality show of its kind. In Tharolsavam 30 small screen celebrity actors and actresses competed among each other and their performances were judged on the basis of their acting, dancing and singing skills. The show was aired every Monday to Thursday from 8: oo pm in the evening onwards on Kairali TV. The show gained immense popularity among the audiences in a very short span of time.

Tharolsavam was judged by celebrity judges panel which comprised of- Johnny Antony, Babu Rajan, Jassie Gift and Rekha Master. One celebrity from each specializing in Dance, music, comedy and acting categories. This celebrity reality show was hosted and anchored by the beautiful and gorgeous TV personality Kavitha Nair. In the show, there were total 30 participants who were grouped into 6 groups –Volta, Samba, Salsa, Mambo, Jota and Bolero. In each group there were 5 team members or participants. At the end of the show one group was declared the winner. There were four rounds in each and every episode- Acting round, dancing round, singing round and comedy act round.  At the end of the fourth and final round, judges used to combine the scores of all the four rounds and declare done team the winner. The weightage of the scores were based on the performance of each team as a whole and was judged by their ability to entertain the judges and the audiences along with the quality of the content of their performances.