Malayalam Tv Show Tech Mantra

Tech Mantra was a brand new show in the Malayalam Industry.It is aired on Amirta TV. As the name suggests, it was a technology-based serial. It gives information about the Gadget as well as mobile had been delivered.

There was a comprehensive wrap-up of the episodes which include mentioning the various specification of a mobile including the history of the company that had made the phone, the battery capacity, the display size, the processor in the phone, the central processing unit, the front camera pixels, the rear camera, flash, the random access memory, rapid expandable memory, storage capacity, in-built application, the platform on which it had functioned, the operating system, the additional freebies, the equated monthly installment offers, the expandable storing capacity through micro SD card, the type of SIM whether normal or Mini or Nano SIM, the nature of the touch, the glass, the protective mechanism of the phone such as Corning gorilla glass, Karl Zeiss lenses, Corning set, bass audio, Beats Sound, Dolby Surround Sound, High Definition Screen, and Optimal resolution etc. were given. New forms of gadgets such as the Fitness Band, The Beat Bands, Scintillating Head Phones, wireless headphones, bass speakers, Bluetooth jacks, and boom headsets, etc. had been given along with their configuration.

A special segment called new arrivals adds beauty to the show. At this moment the newest of the gadgets as well as expected releases, exclusive deals, and pre-booking offers were made known to the people. For example in the last month’s episode the channel had a brief introduction on the I Phone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note models. They had given a comparative analysis of the specification lent out by the respective companies, and the content writer stated that the I Phone 7 would be the clear winner in contrast with the Samsung’s Note 7.

The review had proved after their launch. Many countries had asked to discontinue the Samsung Note 7 because of the inherent fault whereby there was no such ban I Phone in the scenario. Therefore, the reviews were accurate as well as adequate. Hence, this it proves why the reference must had followed. The Telecasters also state that there was a huge difference between the Luxury and costliness. Not all the products with the high cost would be of greatest gift to the human kind.