Malayalam Tv Show Suruma

Suruma Malayalam Tv shows on Kairali we tv

Surma is a Malayalam TV show aired on Kairali We TV. It was a show inspired by Hindi tv show MTV coke studio. In the show singers, from the Malayalam industry sing famous Malayalam songs. They do not sing original versions of these songs, but they make their version. They change a beat, some tempo and other musical instruments to make it unique and more touching versions. The show has its band to play the music along with the songs they do not generate artificial music and produce music on the show.

The show, had its guitarist, drums, mouth organist, and other musical instrument players. In the show, they mostly feature independent artists who make good music. These songs are less of lyrics based and more of music-based. The show started in 2011. In the show sometimes they play their own songs composed and written by them that are not released anywhere else. If you love to feel-good music with less base music that is perfect for a nice evening then you can watch the show.

These songs are not made for dancing or for playing at a party. In the show, mostly female singers sing songs that are already popular in the Malayalam language. The show was produced by Aksar entertainment. Sometimes they featured songs played in different music festivals. These festivals are organized by independent companies and producers record the shows to feature on their channel.