Malayalam Tv Show Star Life

Star Life Malayalam TV SHOWS on Flowers TV

Star life is a show on Flowers TV which has a runtime of thirty minutes. It shows us the inside gossip which happens in the industry. Everybody of us would like to know how our favorite movie stars live their daily life. Star Life selects a star for the day, and she will be a host of that particular episode. She then starts talking about her daily life and how she cope with the ever-increasing demands of the industry. It gives a shot at knowing how it feels like to be a star for a day.

Many stars from the film industry have participated in the show. We get to inside their houses, their decorations, and ambience, among other things. During the show, the host asks a lot of questions to the guest stars which have been mailed by their fans. There are over a hundred mail asking various questions, but only a few of them are answered. He then talks about his daily routine. If he is a body builder, he talks us through his workouts and also gives an advice on how to better build your body.

People go on stage to meet their favourite actor and make their dreams a reality. Secrets are shared by everyone, which are funny and devastating. Most of us inspire to dress likens movie star. Celebrities give tips on how to dress properly. It isn't always required to spend a lot of money on clothes and makeup. Simple dresses with less jewelry will do the trick. They keep you updated with the fashion trends across the country.

Nobody wants to be outdated. Unlike other talk shows, there is no talk about promoting movies or their brand. They show clips of celebrities endorsing a new brand. There is a deep analysis about finding out the truth about a rumour. Celebrities also take part in it and enjoy doing so. A few lucky people would get a chance to meet them on stage and go to their houses. The luckiest of them would get to live like a famous personality for a day. Gopika, Asin, Mammootty, Shivraj, Hema, and etc.,ate a few stars who have taken part in the program. Other than actors, directors, writers, singers, choreographers, and many more have also taken part in the program. During the course of thirty minutes, we are thoroughly entertained, which makes people eagerly wait for the next episode to air.