Malayalam Tv Show Shanthiyude Devalayangal

Shanthiyude Devalayangal Malayalam TV SHOWS on MediaOne TV

Shanthiyude Devalayangal is a religious and travel show that airs on Media One TV in Kerala. The show takes viewers to various parts of Kerala and showcases famous churches and religious places all around Kerala. The initial series was a 10 part series that showed various churches in Kerela. It shows the beauty of these churches along with its surroundings. It also captures the different aspects of life around these churches – its history, the life, and people around it. The show first travels to the Mount Caramel Church in Munnar. Father Alphonse of the Spanish missionary established the church in 1898.

It is regarded as one of the important religious places around Munnar and is one of the first Catholic churches in the area. The second part covers the St. Mary’s Forane Church in Thankey which is known worldwide for the statue of the Passion of Our Lord which shows Jesus Christ in all its sufferings. The visit to Thankey is followed by the Marth Mariam Forane Church in Kottayam. Many Christians in and around Kerela regard it as their ancestral home. It was the site of the first church built around 105 A.D. It then covers the Nadamel St. Mary Jacobite Church founded in the 12th century. It is known for its beautiful architecture and its throne room.

Next, the show visits the Basilica of St. Mary in Champakulam. It is a forane church and is the mother church for almost all of the Syrian Catholic churches around the area. It is believed to be founded by St. Thomas himself. This visit is followed by the St. George’s Church in Kadamattam. The church is situated next to a highway and is believed that a middle- eastern monk named Mar Sobar was the founder of the church. It then looks at the national pilgrimage centre that is the Vallarpadam Church. People flock here to seek blessings and fulfill their wishes. Each year a huge feast takes place in honour of the Vallarpadath Amma, which lasts an entire week.

This next visit is to the CSI Christ Church in Munnar. The cemetery attached to the church has quite a history attached to it. British and Indians used to pray at this church however at different timings. The show goes back to Kottayam again to cover the St. Mary’s Church is Bharanaganam. It is associated with St. Alphonsa, the first saint from India whose remains are preserved in a chapel nearby. The show ends with a visit to the St. Mary’s Forane Church in Pulinkunnu. The history of this church is unique. Before its existence, people used to go to the church at Champakulam which was tiresome for them. They pleaded to the king which led to the construction of the church Pulinkunnu. The church is blessed with a calm and soothing environment.