Malayalam Tv Show Sancharam

Sancharam Malayalam Tv shows on Asianet news

Sancharam is a travel-based show which came on the channel Asianet. The series is a Malayalam language one which came on every weekday between Monday and Friday in the time slot of 10:00 PM. It got featured amongst one of the most popular travel series to get aired in the Malayalam television industry. It focusses purely upon international travel destinations. Santhosh George Kulangara agreed to take on the production of Sancharam. He is amongst some of the people who have widely across India. His talents extend to being a brilliant lensman as well. These qualities propelled him to take up the direction of the show as well. Not just that, he is also the editor of the entire series. The editing for the program got handed over to Labour India Publications Ltd., of which Santhosh is the Managing Director.

Sancharam came to life as a result of the extensive travels Santhosh has undertaken across the globe. These journeys have taught him many things, and he is sharing these experiences via the program to help the viewers open their minds as well as their hearts to new experiences, cultures, and the knowledge they possess. The program has shot and aired more than a thousand episodes across over seventy-five countries over a time span which exceeds fifteen years. The episodes even got aired on another channel titled Safari TV, which got started by Santhosh George Kulangara himself. The series has traveled to locations like Istanbul in the country of Turkey and even Antarctica down south.

Sancharam is the proud recipient of a number of prestigious awards including the likes of the RAPA Award, the Akshaya Puraskar as well as the Critics Award. The show even bagged itself a place in the pages of the Limca Book of Records. Following its widespread popularity and acclaim, an online edition of the series was also made available without any extra charges from the viewers. The site supports only Malayalam language content currently. The visitor can choose whichever countries they want to watch by selecting it from a simple drop-down menu. This selection got accompanied by audio commentary about the location opted. The site boasts of being the first online television available in the state of Kerala. Sancharam has high ambitions as well. The show got scheduled to be shot in space as well. Santhosh George Kulangara managed this feat by getting selected amongst those who will be embarking upon Virgin Galactic’s space tourism program, titled as Space Ship Two. He will officially become the first space tourist of India following his completion of the trip.