Malayalam Tv Show Salt N Pepper

Salt And Pepper Malayalam TV SHOWS on Kaumudy TV

Salt and Pepper is a Malayalam cookery and travel show that airs on the channel Kaumudy TV, once a week for half an hour. The show is hosted by Praveen Prem. Salt and Pepper features common people from all over Kerala, who have a knack for cooking delicacies special to that place. The host visits various parts of Kerala, cities and villages alike. It opens with the host in the main attraction of the location. He tells the viewers about that particular place in every episode. Then he shows different attractions of the city or village before introducing the day’s chef.

The chefs featured on the show are not always professionals. If the food item for the episode is seafood, the host accompanies the chef to go fishing. Then the name of the episode’s food item is released, followed by the pictures and names of all the ingredients used. Then a detailed recipe of the dish is given along with the video. The shooting in villages takes place in aesthetic locations, mostly under trees, giving it a natural essence. In cities, the shooting takes place in a studio set. The audience loves this show both for its delicious and easy to make recipes and for the different locations.