Malayalam Tv Show Pravasa Lokam

Pravasalokam Malayalam Tv shows on Kairali tv

Pravasa Lokam is a unique and innovative Malayalam television programme dealing with a very sensitive issue which has been a long pain in the keralite society. The show pravasalokam aired on one of the popular and leading Malayalam entertainment television channel Kairali TV. The show aired every Thursday and Sunday 11:00 pm and 2:00 pm respectively as per the Indian Standard Time (IST). The main theme of the show dealt with finding the missing persons. Malayalee’s are scattered in almost every part of the world working, building their career and earning their livelihood. And a large chunk of these Malayalee’s works in the Middle East and the gulf countries. The Show attempts to locate Malayalee’s who went missing under different circumstances in the Middle-East and reunite them with their families back in Kerala. The relatives of the missing expatriate appear on the show, explain their case and submit a letter with the photo and contact information of the missing person. The crew then tries to locate the person with the help of the Indian consulate. The show became very popular among the masses and a ray of hope to those families whose members have been missing. Many families have got back their near and dear ones through this show.